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Shin Shirayukihime Densetsu Pretear [entries|friends|calendar]
Shin Shirayuki Hime Densetsu Pretear Community

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[30 Nov 2011|05:43pm]

[7] Eternal Sonata
[10] Hetalia
[5] Junjou Romantica (Terrorist couple)
[4] Ke$ha
[22] Kuroshitsuji II
[5] Mozart l'Opera Rock
[11] No.6
[22] Pretear
[10] Total Eclipse
[6] Misc
  -1 Fatal Frame
  -1 High School Musical
  -1 Inuyasha
  - 1 Kyou Kara Maou
  - 1 Stock
  - 1 Yu-Gi-Oh

[1] Do not edit.
[2] It would be nice if you did credit me.
[3] Do not hotlink.
[4] Please comment? :D


Over here @ toniconsfavori
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Icons! [03 Jan 2011|05:37pm]

[73] Himeno
[28] Hayate
[3] Sasame
[6] Goh
[3] Kei
[8] Mannen
[4] Hajime
[9] Shin
[10] Mawata
[13] Group

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

More here & here @ sparkleandsquee
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[06 Aug 2010|08:52am]


I'm currently selling a number of manga and anime here. One of the main items I'm looking to sell is the Prétear complete boxset for $25. It's in perfect condition, as good as the day I bought it, only been watched once, and the casing intact. All the details are found in the post.
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[29 Jun 2010|03:52pm]

Hey there~ I hope this is allowed but I was just looking to see if I could find any Pretear rp'ers interested in this new game that starts July 1st! I think all the characters would really fit in~

I hid it behind the cut for your convenience.

Vanishing PointCollapse )
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[10 Mar 2010|10:43pm]

❧ MISC [9]
   ❦ Himeno Awayuki
   ❦ Hayate
   ❦ Mawata Awayuki


More icons here @ aniconisfinetoo!
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icon time! [14 Jan 2010|03:54pm]

Prétear » 13
Total » 298

More icons here at psychelocks.
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Pretear Manga! [08 Jan 2010|09:43pm]

 Hi! I'm selling volumes 2-4 of the Pretear manga!

$5 each|$12 ALL
Click Here to Buy!
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[01 Jan 2010|02:38pm]

[413] Pretear icons

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

More @ sparkleandsquee

Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five
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[10 Nov 2009|02:35am]

[109] Pretear Icons
[28] Himeno
[13] Hayate
[14] Sasame
[10] Goh
[9] Mannen
[5] Kei
[8] Shin
[4] Mawata
[4] Mayune
[1] Yayoi
[7] Group
[3] HimenoxHayate
[3] HimenoxSasame

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

More Here @ sparkleandsquee
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Welcome to Seikatsu [17 Aug 2009|01:54am]

Game: S e i k a t s u
Fandom: Au multi-fandom
Location: LiveJournal
Link to Game: futsunoseikatsu
Opening/Opened: Aug 28th!
Time Setting: Current
Contact: futsuseikatsu
Age Limit: 13 and up
Restrictions: No oc's, or real life characters (ex: Harry Potter)

Read more...Collapse )
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[03 Aug 2009|10:51pm]


$6 shipped/book
Pretear 1-4 Complete
Imadoki 1-5 Complete
Love Com 1-8,11,13
From Far Away 1,2,4,5,6,8,11-14
Pearl Pink 1-3
President Dad 1-5
Flock of Angels 2-3
Haruka 1-2,5
Love Attack 1-2
Palette of 12 Colors 3-4
Beauty Pop 10
Two Flowers for the Dragon 1
Nephilim 1
Short Sunzen 1
Neck and Neck 7
Gakuen Alice 1-2,4
Magical JxR vol 1
Teru Teru X Shonen Vol. 5

$8 shipped/book
Chocolat 1-5
Angel Diary 1-5
Sugarholic 1
Evyione 1
Bride of the Water God 1-2
Comic 3,6
A kiss for my prince 2
Forest of Gray City 2

Click here to buy
FREE Shipping in US

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[24 Jun 2009|05:31pm]

8 Pretear (Himeno)
8 Miley Cyrus (lol)
16 Persona 4 (6 Soudachi, 2 Kittydachi, 8 miscellaneous)
32 total

( over here! )
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Request [01 Apr 2009|05:25am]

Does anyone have screencaps from this scene?

Hayate Hug Himeno Pictures, Images and Photos
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Rewrite the Stars: A Panfandom Role Play [18 Nov 2008|03:22pm]



It was clear and starry that faithful night that he wrote the heavens out of existence. It had been an accident, one that he was completely unaware of, and as he sat in front of a blank manuscript, it hit him, that dreaded fit of writer's block. He did everything that he could to ward it off, but the dastardly thing was there to stay and, after a fit of doing nearly everything but sitting on his head (while the idea did cross his mind), an idea finally did come to him. What if the stars disappeared from the sky, and what if those stars, placed mysteriously in the heavens, were each their own world? What would happen to those poor people with no place to call their own? His quill quickly went to work, and he began to write as if possessed; it was his best idea yet!

Funny how certain ideas just never seem to stay to one's self.

It came on fast like a summer's storm, and one by one the stars flickered out of existence from the night sky. The young writer's seemingly harmless story had become a reality, and many found their worlds disappearing before them in a flash. Before they had any recollection of what had happened to them, however, they found themselves in a world unfamiliar and strange with an empty head, not knowing where they had come from or how they arrived where they were in the first place. And where, do you ask, did these hapless heroes and villains alike pop up?

Welcome to Serendipity, a thriving renaissance-era town surrounded on all sides by an impenetrable wall. The stars and moon shine here just a bit too brightly, and the city itself is caught in a perpetual night. Ask anyone from town about the world outside, and you'll get the same answer all around; "What outside world?" Oh dear...
profile layout » rules » taken » reserved » wanted » apply » affiliate

People they come together

People they fall apart

No one can stop us now

'Cause we are all made of stars

-- Moby, We Are All Made of Stars

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this may be a very far streatch, but... [05 Nov 2008|11:59pm]

There is one single Sasame player over at this RP and it would be...fantastic if there were any Pretear RPers out there :) thank you!

So it begins

You came across it, perhaps at a library or a bookshop. Maybe a street corner vendor pawned it off on you or you found it poking out the trash in a back alley. However you came across it, it finally found you.

It was a sensible sort of book. Plain and durable. This was a book that would survive any condition.
Just the book you always needed.

It was a cute book. All pink flowers and rainbows. Joyous and warm.
Just the book you always wanted.

It was a dark book. Black leather and silver buckles to strap it shut. It exuded mystery and terror.
Just the book for you.

Your diary is unique to you. You're drawn to it's blank pages yearning to be filled up with the days of your life. But you're more than just drawn to the diary. The pages flip as if of their own accord and there is a page with a picture, moving as if it were it's own tiny film. You're intrigued. And then you're falling. It feels like you fall forever, through stars and clouds and darkness and then you can see nothing because you blank out.

You find yourself on the docks of a strange island. A place you've never seen before, and it's silent except for the wind whistling in your ears and the lap of waves on slippery rocks. Perhaps in the distance you see a far-off ship on the horizon, but otherwise you are alone and stranded, diary in hand.

You have come to Accardi.

You are here to stay.

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[30 Aug 2008|11:51pm]


Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
Pretear R1 DVD Boxset Complete
Click here to buy
FREE Shipping in US

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Pretear Fic [04 Aug 2008|07:51pm]

I'm working on a few Pretear related fanfics! I have posted the links to one of them in my livejournal. This one contains slight mature content already, and will likely have more, so please have some regard for the rating. Comments are welcome. Thank you very much! :) <3 
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[28 Jul 2008|11:09am]

[1] +Anima
[1] 1/3 no Kareshi
[1] Audrey Kitching
[2] Fashion

[4] Pretear
[3] X-Files
[4] Yello-w


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Selling! [27 Jul 2008|02:29pm]

Selling all four volumes of the pretear MANGA (all $20 usd)

shipping to be determined by buyers location
OTher items being sold can be seen here
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[03 Jul 2008|04:06pm]

Hello I'm selling Pretear volumes 1 and 2 at this journal entry here, along with other manga. Thanks for looking ^^
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